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Get Reel

Good time Jackson 

Bossa nova

All Shook Up

Billy’s dance

Celtic Kitten

Wave on Wave

The World

Sugar and paï

Island in the stream

Pot of gold

Quarter after on

Askin' question

Cabo san lucas

Make this Day

City of New Orleans

Never Ever

Wanna be me

Wayfaring stranger


Rhyme or Reason

Wanna be Elvis

Caught in the act

12/03/2012:Girl's gone wild

19/03/2012:Love story

26/03/2012: Révisions

2/04/2012:Long hot summer



23/04/2012: The Flute + révision Girl's gone wild et Long hot summer

30/04/2012: The Gambler + révision The Flute

07/05/2012: Zjozzys Funk + révision The Flute ;The Gambler et Girl's gone wild

15/05/2012: Good to be us + révision The Flute;The gambler; Zjozzys Funk et Girl's gone wild

21/05/2012: Révisions

28/05/2012: Révisions+ soirée Barbecue!

04/06/2012: Révisions

11/06/2012: Action +Révisions


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