# Chorégraphie Chorégraphe Musique Style Fiche Temps / Murs
1 We Are Tonigth Dan Albro Billy Currington We are tonight ECS ternaire We are tonight dan albro 32 tps 4 murs
2 Raggle Taggle Gypsy o Maggie Gallager Derek Rayan Raggle Taggle Gypsy O Raggle taggle gypsy o maggie gallagher 32 tps 4 murs
3 The Boat to Liverpool Ross Brown Nathan Carter On the Boat to Liverpool The boat to liverpool ross brown 32 tps 4 murs
4 Mona Lisa Daniel Whittaker Brad Paisley The Mona Lisa ECS Binaire BPM 134 Mona lisa daniel whittaker 32 temps 4 murs
5 Lips so Close
6 Doin it right Rachael Mc Enaney Rodney Atkins Doin it right WCS BPM 119 Doin it right french 32 tps 4 murs
7 Where the Wind blows alison Biggs et Peter Metelnick Zac Brown Band The Wind Polka Where the wind blows 102 tps 1 mur
8 Recto Verso Montana Fiona Culley Something to die for Montana Recto verso 64 tps 1 mur
9 Somewhere in my car Rachael Mc Enaney Keith Urban Somewhere in my car WCS BPM 118 Somewhere in my car french 64 tps 2 murs
10 Messed up in Menphis Dee Musk Darryl Worley Messed up in Menphis 2 Step BPM 166 Messed up in memphis dee musk 64 tps 4 murs
11 The Gambler Guy Dubé et Denis henley Kenny Rogers The Gambler WCS BPM 102 The gambler 1 32 tps 4 murs
12 Fiona Marianne Langagne Sean Patrick Mc Graw Fiona 64 tps 4 murs
13 Islands in the stream Karen Jones Kenny Rogers et Dolly Parton Islands in the stream Chacha BPM 100 Islands in the stream karen jones 1 32 tps 4 murs
14 Closer to me Kaie Seger Frida AMUNDSEN Polka BPM 104 Closer to me kaie seger 32 tps 4 murs
15 Homegrown Rachael Mc Enaney Zac Brown Band Homegrown WCS Binaire BPM 106 Homegrown mcenaney 32 tps 4 murs
16 Old beach roller coaster Martina ECKE Luke BRYAN Roller coaster BPM 108 Old beach roller coaster martina ecke 64 tps 4 murs
17 American Kids Randy Pelletier Kenny CHESNEY "American Kids" ECSbinaire BPM 170 32 tps 4 murs
18 Tag on David Villelas 2 step 64 tps 2 murs
19 For Neige The Dreamers Heidi Auge " Saturday Night" 2 step BPM 170 For neige 64 tps 2 murs 2 tags


 We are tonight 

 Raggle Taggle Gypsy O :PC pays de Loire 2014/2015

  The Boat of Liverpool

 Mona Lisa :PC pays Loire 2014/2015


 Lips so close  RACO 2014/2015 

Doin' it righ ( PC Pays de Loire 2014/2015)

Recto Verso

Somewhere in my car

  Messed up in Menphis


 The Gambler


 Fiona (RACO 2014/2015)

Island in the stream

Closer to me







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